No more preconceived ideas about mules. If they are worn to go to the beach or the pool, they go wonderfully with all your summer outfits, day or night.

Follow the guide!


If your mules are rather neutral like the MADOR SILVER, the MAIA SILVER or the MADAM GOLD, dare to use colour!

A long red skirt for the MADOR SILVER, fuchsia trousers for the MAIA SILVER and an electric blue dress with the MADAM GOLD, accompanied by a golden clutch

If your Azure mules are flooded with colours like the FIDAR or FATINI, try a softer outfit with a little touch of reminder!

A pretty cream-coloured maxi dress with a pink belt would go perfectly with the FIDAR. As for the FATINI, wear wide white satin or linen trousers with a small gold bag for an encore, a goddess look!

If you have fallen for original mules like the MACARO, KODA BLACK or MALEKA models, wear what you like! A long white or pastel skirt with the MACARO, a green skirt with the KODA BLACK and a pretty pastel blue shirt-dress with the MALEKA.

And if your favourite thing is the MAKAR or KODA PINK mule, you'll love wearing them! A pretty beige mid-length dress and a fuchsia tie scarf with the MAKAR and why not an off-white linen jumpsuit/salopette to go with the KODA PINK.