What to wear with...

You have a long skirt and you don't know what to wear with it? We'll give you some ideas.

If your skirt has been sitting in your wardrobe for months and you've never known what to wear it with, here are some ideas for different looks with a selection of Azurée shoes.

If you fancy more of a rock look, wear your skirt with a faux leather perfecto and a basic top (t-shirt, blouse, jumper). For shoes, we suggest TONU boots. With their small heels, these boots are both trendy and comfortable.

If you want a more chic effect for a night out for example, wear your long skirt with a blouse or a dressy top. With that, wear Azurée TENDRE boots or OISA pumps for a touch of color, or LENDOR crystal pumps which go well with any color.

For a more classic outfit, wear a pair of ballerinas to complement your pretty skirt. The RAMAN model with its small heels and great comfort is sober and elegant and matches all colors. Wear the BREME ballerina to bring warmth to your outfit with its camel color or the BONALA for the character of its leopard pattern.

If you are in a soft and light mood, the BALUBA ballerina or the TAURE white boots with a floral top will go perfectly with your skirt. It'll make a pretty spring outfit perfect for the return of warmer days.

Taure boots
Lendor pumps
Tendre boots
Tonu boots