The leopard animal pattern has been a popular fashion trend for several years now. Zebra, crocodile, snake or leopard, we find at least one of these patterns in our wardrobe or in those of our friends and relatives.

At Azurée Cannes we particularly appreciate the leopard pattern, but how to wear it without overdoing it? Black colors go well with leopard patterns, it's the key to elegantly wearing your favorite pattern style.

If your top is in leopard print (sweater, t-shirt, sweatshirt), opt for a black bottom (jeans or skirt) with a small pair of black boots like the Azurée TABORI boot model to stay classic or the TENDRE model if you prefer heels. If it's cold outside, add a black or beige trench coat and optionally go for a big scarf...

For a skirt or a dress with leopard patterns, choose satin fabrics. They are more fluid and bring lightness to a pattern with certain character. To complete the look, add a thin sweater or a simple black top so as not to clash with the pattern and a perfecto (fitted or oversized) made out of leather or black leather imitation, combined with a pair of Azurée boots like the TONU model: discreet but sophisticated. If you like accessories, add a wide black belt.

If your jeans are leopard, wear them with a black chunky sweater and a pair of Azurée ballerinas or trainers like the RAMAN or ROMALI. To avoid being too cold, don't hesitate to wear a large jacket or a trench coat, classic but timeless.

If your shoes are leopard print like the Azurée TENOR boots, wear a long skirt or cigarette pants with a beige or camel top. Add a perfecto for a rock look or a blazer for a chic look (and belt with a black wide belt if you opted for the skirt).