The « cristal »
This specific material requires some special precautions::
- We advise you to clean both the inside and the outside with make-up removing milk (or an essential cream aimed at leather items) on a cotton wool pad; use sparingly to avoid smearing. This will remove dirt and any small scratches.

- Please avoid: : We strongly advise against fixing anti-slip soles onto the original sole for any of the models with crystal uppers; an anti-slip sole makes the original sole too rigid, which risks leading to the upper part of the shoe splitting. We recommend using an anti-slip sole TOPY, which only covers a small part of the original sole, allowing it to remain supple. We advise you to waterproof plain or printed suede and fabrics or stretch microfibers to protect them from rain and other marks.

Patent leather: :
Waterproofing isn’t necessary; a damp cloth will clean them and eventually polish them with a specific product for this purpose.